Araku Centre up date every day by displaying the latest writings of the admin who joined, either as a permanent columnist and freelance columnist. Rubric Special articles will be updated every two weeks. For enthusiasts and prospective readers or contributors of this website are welcome to read the procedures to become a member/admin, editorial policies, and procedures for delivery (requirements) script.



Araku Centre is open to anyone who wants to participate / share ideas and thoughts to the public. In accordance with the vision and mission of this website, the thematic, or writing an invited article is the emphasis on:

  • Educational information such as news, articles, works of literary non-formal and formal.
  • Motivation to encourage us all to be aware of the tremendous potential.
  • Encourage every reader to get up and work well and even better.
  • Language that reinforces the positive and inspiring.
  • Prioritize thoughts or new ideas, creative, innovative, and inspiring.
  • Provide alternative ideas-critical solutions are accompanied with a bid.
  • Uncovering all the diversity and richness of Indonesian culture.
  • Encourages us all to be proud to be Indonesian nation that continues to work, innovate, clean up, and stared for a brighter future.


In principle, the Araku Centre is open to every form of thought or idea contained in the form of articles/papers. However, in accordance with the vision and mission, Araku Centre will avoid the writings as follows:

  • Is negative because it aroused opposition ethnicity, religion, race
  • Critical ideas that do not provide any solutions bids.
  • The ideas are intended only to serve the interests of certain groups.
  • Duplication and does not give / add something new to the reader.
  • Ideas or writings which are embodied in violation of or does not respect the copyrights of others.


Editor’s reserves full right to edit any writing signed (no change/replace the original substance), with reference to the vision/mission of this website and loading procedure of writing, in order to be worth reading the article, maintained its quality, neat in terms of grammar, and to avoid things unwanted stuff.


Jl. Rd. Abd. Abd. Fatah Tapos Lebak Rt. No. 02/04 43 Ds. 43 Ds. Tapos II Tenjolaya Bogor Indonesia 16620 Telephone: +6251 – 76289001 SMS: +6281283232638


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